Julie Brewster

Getting Britain back to work

The news that unemployed people will have to start visiting the Job Centre daily made my heart sink. With two recent periods of unemployment, I’ve visited the Job Centre regularly. I can say hand on heart its the most demoralising experience ever. I can see the idea behind the recent headlines, but unless the job centre […]

Are you HR Healthy?

An HR Healthcheck is a good way of giving business owners peace of mind.  Given the choice of a maximum Employment Tribunal Award for Unfair Dismissal of £74200 or prevention by making sure your policies and procedures are correct for no more than a few hundred pounds, I know which one I would choose! During an […]

Are you up to date?

The last 12 months or so don’t seem to have been so turbulent in Employment Law – or maybe I’ve just got used to the ever changing pace! However rather than relax it’s a good time to check that your policies and processes are up to date.A few to think about: Do you pro rata […]