Julie Brewster

What a performance!

Many businesses are currently looking at performance and productivity.  My starting point in performance is always ‘Why’. I look at whether the person has ever performed as required; then look at what has changed since then. In my experience, these are the top reasons. Expectations aren’t clear.   The manager thinks they told the employee what […]

A I in the workplace

You may have seen AI or ChatGPT mentioned in the media, and maybe thought it didn’t apply to you. Wishful thinking I’m afraid. We are now starting to see AI produced letters from employees to their employers. Whilst the letters may not be perfect, they have a depth of knowledge that the employee may not […]

Addressing Alcoholism in the Workplace

Special guest blog from John Gillen, Director, Rehab Clinics Group. What can you do if you suspect that there is an alcohol problem in your workplace? You may have noticed an employee engaging in subtle consumption of alcohol at work or have become aware of some classic signs of alcoholism. Being an employer, you should […]

Find Your Sparkle

The last few months have been…weird! When we were saying Happy New Year, welcome to a new decade, who predicted this was what was in store? One of the hardest things for me has been not being able to see family, not being able to hug friends and family. If someone is walking towards me, […]

To open or not to open

Last night the Government announced new measures in the bid to fight Corona Virus. The speech started with ‘You must stay at home” and continued with “we must save lives”. We were told we could go out for four reasons – one of which was to go to work where absolutely necessary and the work […]

Corona Virus

The information on Corona Virus is changing by the hourly, but this is a summary of what we know so far…. Those staff who are classed as High Risk must socially isolate for 12 weeks. They can receive SSP for this period. Staff in this category will be receiving a letter in the next few […]

Employment update

From April 2020, all employees will be entitled to have their Contract of Employment from day 1 of their employment. Currently they must have it by week 8 of their employment – quite a change. There are a number of new points that now must be contained in the Contract of Employment. National Minimum /Living […]

Who is Managing?

One of the biggest challenges HR face, is encouraging Managers to be honest. For too long Managers have feared being honest incase they are accused of harrassment or bullying. Whilst neither of these is acceptable, nor is dishonesty. Failure to change this can lead to poor performance, erratic attendance or the all-out dreaded conflict. We […]

What a Perfomance

I’ll declare now – my biggest pet hate in HR is managers who are not honest with their staff. How can a member of staff improve if they have been told that their work is ’fine’?   Over the years I have had a number of managers appear at my desk to tell me that an […]