What a performance!

Many businesses are currently looking at performance and productivity. 

My starting point in performance is always ‘Why’.

I look at whether the person has ever performed as required; then look at what has changed since then.

In my experience, these are the top reasons.

Expectations aren’t clear.  

The manager thinks they told the employee what they need to do. The employee thinks they are doing what they need to do. Here is a classic communication slip up. Unless you tell someone clearly what the goal is, you can’t expect them to hit it.


Years ago the mantra was that you didn’t take your home problems to work and you didn’t take your work problems home. Now, with work emails arriving on our phones at home, staff working from home – then the boundaries are blurred.

If an employee is stressed about something in their personal life, it will affect work. We know far more about the way the brain and nervous system work now. If someone is in stress mode, blood rushes to their limbs – they are in fight or flight mode. Their logic brain has switched off, and their primitive brain has taken over – looking out for danger.  This is far from ideal in the workplace but with so many surveys telling us that stress is increasing, its highly likely you have someone in your workplace.

Wrong skill set.

The classic is the person who is promoted to manager because they were good at the technical part of their job. They are now miserable because they aren’t doing the technical bit any more, instead they have to do management stuff – with no training on managing people, budgets or projects. Or maybe the role has evolved and the person no longer has the skills to do the role?


The role is not using their skills or its repetitive and they are simply bored. When this happens they either just continue being bored and less productive or they start looking for other jobs. Either way, you need to take action. 

Poor focus/time management.

Are they constantly interrupted by queries via phone, email, in person? Trying to achieve anything with constant interruptions is impossible. Can they have some focus time? Can they manage their time better? 

Lack of motivation.

If motivation for the role has gone, you have a problem.  What would inspire them?

Unhealthy work environment.

This comes down to the company culture. Is it a negative environment? Is there a bullying or harassment taking place?

Most of these can be turned around. 

Honest conversations are the starting point. 
Coaching may be required for the manager or the employee. 

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