A I in the workplace

You may have seen AI or ChatGPT mentioned in the media, and maybe thought it didn’t apply to you.
Wishful thinking I’m afraid.

We are now starting to see AI produced letters from employees to their employers. Whilst the letters may not be perfect, they have a depth of knowledge that the employee may not have had.

The letters are being used to raise a grievance or a flexible working request as well as other employment matters.

Its more important than ever to have someone who doesn’t just know Employment Law, but also understands people to look after your HR. Yes, you could use AI to reply, but seriously when you are in a court case because AI got something wrong and you are facing 5 or 6 figures pay out, would you still think AI was a good idea?

Having an HR Partner that you have a good working relationship with, who knows your business and who you trust, is priceless.

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