To open or not to open

Last night the Government announced new measures in the bid to fight Corona Virus. The speech started with ‘You must stay at home” and continued with “we must save lives”. We were told we could go out for four reasons – one of which was to go to work where absolutely necessary and the work can not be done at home.

This led to much scratching of heads with many focussing on ‘work that can not be done at home’.

The website then stated that you should only go outside for “essential work”.

Then the UK Government twitter page posted a video which clearly stated that only ‘key workers’ should go to work. Clear guidance at last.

The clear guidance didn’t last long – the video was removed. We are now left with the guidance on The main page states you should only go out for “essential work”. The guidance document states you can leave the house for “travelling to and from work but only where this absolutely can not be done at home”.

I hope over the course of the day that clearer guidance is issued. To clients I would suggest they focus on the ultimate goal – stopping the spread of Corona Virus. If you consider your work is essential, staff should be at least 2 meters apart at all times.