Employment update

From April 2020, all employees will be entitled to have their Contract of Employment from day 1 of their employment. Currently they must have it by week 8 of their employment – quite a change. There are a number of new points that now must be contained in the Contract of Employment.

National Minimum /Living Wage rates increase in April. The Government website gov.uk has all the information on it. Remember the rates increase with age as well as in April.

Staff have a new rights regarding parental leave following the death of a child – your policies need to reflect this.


Update your Contract of Employment (or contact me and I can do it for you)

When you are appointing a new member of staff, make sure you have time to get their new contract to them before they start or on their first day.

For staff on or near the National Minimum Wage remember to check the rates on their birthday, not just in April.

Update your Policies (or contact me and I can do it for you)