Who is Managing?

One of the biggest challenges HR face, is encouraging Managers to be honest. For too long Managers have feared being honest incase they are accused of harrassment or bullying. Whilst neither of these is acceptable, nor is dishonesty. Failure to change this can lead to poor performance, erratic attendance or the all-out dreaded conflict.

We all know of teams where someone is not performing, but if you look closer, is it a performance issue with the individual, or is it a performance issue with the Manager?

Managers seem to have confused managing with being nice. Maybe political correctness hasn’t helped, I’m not sure. Managing is being supportive and honest.  How much time and energy is being wasted by this in your organisation? How much money will it cost if this ends up with a Settlement Agreement, or worse, ends up in court? Can you afford the bad publicity?

So whats the answer?
I have developed a five step process which I have successfully used with Managers to enable them to stop, change and circumvent escalation. More importantly this can avoid the organisation being faced with costly legal fees and settlement payments.

I would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how this approach adds value to your organisation.