Are you HR Healthy?

An HR Healthcheck is a good way of giving business owners peace of mind.  Given the choice of a maximum Employment Tribunal Award for Unfair Dismissal of £74200 or prevention by making sure your policies and procedures are correct for no more than a few hundred pounds, I know which one I would choose!

During an HR Healthcheck I will look at all of your policies and procedures. I will look to see if you have the essentials, and that they meet current legislation and good practice. For example do you follow the correct procedure for disciplinary hearings? If you don’t a tribunal could say it was automatically unfair, even if you only missed out one little sentence in your process but everything else was right.

I’ll check you’re calculating annual leave correctly – pro rating bank holidays for part time staff.  I’ll be looking to see if you have the processes to deal with absence and performance management. I’ll be looking to see what you do about Email and Internet abuse, how you handle data protection, what your process is for flexible working requests.

At the end of the healthcheck I will make recommendations so that you not only meet legislation, but good practice too. As an extra to the health check I can either update your policies or provide you with new policies and processes that suit your business. Not all businesses are the same, so it is important to make sure we get it right for you, whilst still meeting legislation. When there are changes to legislation that will impact on your HR Policies and procedures, I will let you know about them in advance. I can then update your policies, at an additional fee depending on what changes are needed.

If you do need new policies, I will make sure you understand them and your clear how to implement them. There’s nothing worse than having to waste time trying to work out what a policy means and how to use it.

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